Think Action Ltd provide delivery service

Think Action Ltd online store mainly provide delivery service in Hong Kong and Macao area. Buyers such as requiring delivery to outside of Hong Kong and Macao area , we will endeavor to provide a viable solution. The following are the terms when we provide delivery services for Hong Kong and Macau area.

if the Buyers requiring delivery service, the buyer has the responsibility to provide effective delivery address. If the delivery serviceis only provide for specific area or address, the buyer should make sure that the address provided in line with the relevant restrictions. The following situation will cause HK$20 handling fee:

1. Buyers incorrect shipping address
2. Change shipping address

Delivery charges and service all manner of rules determined by the shipping company, if the buyer choose that company delivery service, he/she will assumed understands and agrees that the company's charges and service rules. If users do not agree with the charges and service rules, he/she should not be used as a delivery service. The buyer will bear any additional expenses that delivery cause.

Here are some of the shipping company or service charges and Conditions:

SF Express

//預付(Freight prepaid)// --HK SF-Express 香港順豐速運 工商業區

Commerical and industrial areas -- prepaid :

Other location -- prepaid :

Hong Kong Post Office - SmartPost