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Wood-like natural series
Three different tree types and naturally feeling!

White Birch-Basil
Cunninghamia lanceolata

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Planting Precautions

1. Firstly, we put water into soil and make it moisty.(not too much)

2. Touching the surface of the soil with a toothpick and let them get loose..

3. Please note that before germination please do not direct sunlight, you should place in bright and ventilated cool place planting, and keep the soil surface moist.

Variety Description:

Basil & Cactus - can be planted into 2-3 seeds, to be sprout 2 to 3cm high, can be part of the basil transplanted to other pots to continue planting, the remaining one more robust basil to continue planting.

Wild Strewberry - When you start planting, you can put 7-8 seeds and sprout 2 to 3cm high. You can plant some wild strawberries into other pots. The remaining 3 more robust wild strawberries continue Planting.

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